Get A New Countertop With Confidence By Adding The Right Kitchen Features

Get A New Countertop With Confidence By Adding The Right Kitchen Features

Get A New Countertop With Confidence By Adding The Right Kitchen Features

6 December 2017
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When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, an old countertop may be a distraction. The stains and overall wear and tear may prevent the space from looking clean and attractive. So you may want to get a new countertop, but you are worried about the dirtiness coming back quickly.

If you are willing to make additions or adjustments to the kitchen, you can keep the new countertop cleaner while also making it easier to clean when it does get dirty.

Undermount Sink

An excellent example of a feature that you can change to improve the experience with the new countertop is to install an undermount sink. This is the perfect chance to make this improvement because you can minimize labor costs by removing the sink and old countertop together.

The main advantage that comes with this kind of sink is that you do not have to worry about a sink lip that can catch a lot of dirt and grime that then becomes difficult to remove. If water gets into the lip, then mildew can start developing and expanding to the countertop surface.

Stovetop Guards

When you use the stovetop, you may notice that liquid, crumbs, and even utensils can fall down the sides. This happens more frequently when there is a large gap between the stovetop and the countertop. But, you can prevent this from happening by adding stovetop guards on each side.

These guards are often made of rubber that can withstand the high temperatures in the area. Most of them have large flaps so that you do not have to purchase a specific size. You can just cut away the extra material to avoid having guards with a large overlap on the countertop.

Cutting Board

Another way that you can maximize confidence with your new countertop is by investing in a cutting board or two. Although you can cut on some countertops, the resilient material may end up dulling or damaging the knives. Many cutting boards are flat, which means liquids can spill. To keep this from happening, you will want to invest in a cutting board with a liquid catcher.

This way, when you cut something such as watermelon or tomatoes, both of which can cover your cutting board in fruit juice, the juice will not have a way to get on the countertop. You just need to be careful not to tilt the cutting board enough so that the juice goes past the catcher.

Adding these things to your kitchen will help you feel confident about your new countertop and its cleanliness. Contact a company like WATERHOUSE DESIGNS for more help.

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